Implant Solutions Architect ISA


The Company

Intelex Vision is a market leader in intelligent video analytic solutions for the surveillance, security and intelligent transport systems markets. Our software delivers world leading AI and machine learning to perform a range of automated camera monitoring and alerting functions.

The Role

The Implant Solutions Architect (ISA) supports the Operation of large Clients, ensuring the proper functioning of the iSentry systems.

The ISA collaborates with the Client’s operational resources in their own facilities, ensuring first and second level technical support to guarantee that SLAs agreed with the client are me. The ISA will suggest technical solutions that address additional needs of the client.

The Benefits

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Competitive salary package
  • Fun interesting projects
  • Exposure to the latest technologies
  • The opportunity to grow leadership skill while developing the culture of a growing team
  • A global outlook with projects and presence across Europe, the Americas, APAC, Australasia and MENA.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Must monitor customer support for proposed technical solutions throughout the commissioning process, and alert IntelexVision operational teams of potential or real technical issues encountered.
  • Must  support pre-sales product demonstrations, post-sales customer implementations, trade shows, special projects, and events.
  • Must develop strong partnerships with customer´s operational staff to  anticipate potential operational issues.
  • Will  pursue additional business development opportunities within the client where he is engaged, collaborating with sales to ensure that these opportunities are effectively transformed in Purchase Orders.
  • Will also be responsible for installing new pilots or proofs of concept in the customer’s facilities/environments where he is working, and will be responsible to ensure the proper operation of IntelexVision’s video analytics solutions.
  • Will be required to provide training and professional development to the customer’s technical staff and potential new team members and to customer’s customers.
  • The ISA will report directly to the Technical Pre-Sales & Implementation Manager in straight line and in dotted line to the regional sales director.
  • Will be responsible for installing new pilots or proofs of concept in the customer’s facilities/environments where he/she is working and ensure the proper operation of IntelexVision’s video analytics solutions.
  • Will  be required to provide training to the customer’s technical staff, to potential new team members and  to prospective customers of the customer.

The ISA will report directly to the Technical Pre-Sales & Implementation Manager. The ISA must report in a matrix fashion also to the sales manager responsible for the client in question.

Must-Have Skills

  • Have proven experience with database management, especially relevant to the Intelex Solution (SQL Server, etc.)
  • Have proven experience with web platforms
  • Possess the ability to learn and work in changing and emerging technologies.
  • Act as the customer’s first point of contact for issues related to their IT systems and equipment.
  • Monitoring of users’ system problems until they are resolved following the agreed deadlines.
  • Solve complex problems, engineers interact with their customer via phone, email or chat and provide unambiguous written instructions or technical manuals.
  • Maintain procedural documents and reports.
  • Provide accurate feedback to customers promptly.
  • Ensure proper recording of all issues.
  • Follow up with customers to ensure their computer systems are working properly after problem resolution.
  • Prepare accurate reports promptly.
  • Document technical knowledge in the knowledge database.
  • Train people at the client on how to use different types of systems.
  • Monitor the performance of installed systems when necessary.
  • Help implement new software or hardware systems.
  • Promote the standards of execution and quality of each project. Review solutions with customers; investigate needs and ensure the right solutions will be offered
  • Drive implementation and compliance with all company required and regulatory documentation and service work orders
  • Participate and take an active role in the installation and technical implementation of projects
  • Ensure client expectations, including agreed schedules, are met with high quality and minimal rework
  • Provide technical support from level 1 to level 2 for his client during the implementation and operation of the project.
  • Provide ongoing technical support to his client by solving system problems and recommending and/or providing solutions.
  • Understand relevant security measures related to software to ensure the protection of customer’s networks.

Nice-To-Have Skills

  • Linux and/or embedded
  • Computer vision/ image processing
  • AI/DL
  • Cloud deployment