Sandton Central: Creating Smart Business Districts

The Customer

The Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) oversees one of Africa’s largest commercial centres based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was an initiative to appeal to the local government municipality to introduce various infrastructure upgrades to increase the efficiency and security. The precinct team of the Sandton Central Project was managed by Excellerate Managed Services.

The priorities of the initiative were to be applied to Safety and Security, Cleaning and Maintenance, Traffic and Transport Management, Placemaking and Tourism and Ecological consciousness and Sustainability.

The Sandton City Business District which spans across an area of 102ha partnered up with Vumacam, AI Surveillance and Servest & Night Guard within the Safety and Security segment to improve on the surveillance and security in the centre.

The Requirement

The initiative focus was on three areas of Sandton City including the Sandton Convention Centre, The Sandton Business Improvement District (SBID) and the Wierda Valley Management District (WVMD). The incentive’s focus was to predominantly to increase cleaning and safety services.

The project addressed improvements in three core sectors of the Sandton City Business District to create a safer and more prosperous business district. The three core centres were Physical (Safety and Security), Strategic (Public Awareness and Marketing) and Support (Relationship Development and Project Support).

The Solution

The district was mapped out and strategic placements of cameras was initiated to try and cover the whole business district. This included placement of ANPR, Multi-Checkpoints, Overview and Dual Cameras (both ANPR and Overview). The CCTV network was connected to the Vumacam Network which is spread across existing security companies could port in to the network for live monitoring and surveillance.

iSentry was implemented on to handle and process all the alerts and the software was linked to the SAPS wanted vehicle database. In the year to follow the statistics were; 136 wanted vehicles were detained. 7,951 alerts to unusual activity were sent to the response team. iSentry software was able to learn the environment and understand the normal versus abnormal activity within the camera view, eg: loitering, illegal parking or gathering.