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  • iSentry COVID-19 Stats
11 Aug 2022, 3:30 AM (GMT)


592,648,092 Total Cases
6,446,941 Death Cases
564,471,280 Recovered Cases

iSentry & COVID-19

The COVID-19 disease is having an unprecedented impact on all aspects of society. It is highly likely that the “new normal” will be accompanied by a number of restrictions, which will remain or be gradually reduced over time.

Key aspects across the board in all de-escalation plans in all major countries across the world will almost certainly involve:

  • “social distancing”, i.e. keeping a certain distance between persons
  • personal protection, i.e. face masks
  • capacity and crowd control
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As the core technology mix to achieve this specific solution is all available within the iSentry platform at an enterprise level with significant maturity, we can deliver the new alerting insights to operators and controllers rapidly.


Countries Supported

iSentry is available and supported all across the globe


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iSentry has been designed with scalability in mind, solving challenges like distributed camera networks and bandwidth constraints.

Proximity Monitoring

Alerting of people who are standing or moving too close to each other

  • Keeping people at a safe distance while in public is key to help contain the spread of the virus

  • iSentry will provide alerts on persons not maintaining the required social distance (for example, 2 meters)

Face Masks

Alerting of people who are not wearing face masks or protective face covering

  • Wearing a protective face-covering in public is necessary in most parts of the world

  • iSentry will alert on persons not wearing something that covers part of their face including their nose and mouth or who are wearing masks incorrectly.

Density Management

High level density monitoring by tracking entry and exit numbers from a facility giving an ongoing metric of people within an environment.

  • Avoiding large gatherings and bottlenecks is vital in controlling the spread of COVID-19

  • Get alerts on queues, entry and exit points of a supermarket, department stores, shops, museums, transport hubs, or monuments or production lines in a factory.