iSentry Technology

The iSentry solution is a unique blend of disruptive technology and flexible system architecture, that is easy to maintain and engineered to expand and solve new problems.

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Four-tiered, sequential
processing architecture

In a first phase all the video feeds are analyzed in real time with the help of Artificial intelligence and upon triggers such as Unusual Behavior, Trip Wire, left object The incident video clip is sent to a second processing unit: a deep learning engine, which contextualizes the incident and creates additional information related to what happened. Eventually, all data is sent to a fully customizable AI rules and logic engine that contextualizes all events of interest.

Disrupt the chaos


Multi-layered analysis. Our architecture is the only way to effectively monitor live video in real-time.

iSentry redefines the real-time video analytics market, providing customers with a quantum leap in reaction time, efficiency, safety, operational effectiveness and true situational awareness.

No single technology route can ever achieve this. We have developed a globally unique product set to process, contextualise and visualise real-time video data.

The combined solution is effective because a complex but logical process sequentially analyses video. It is extremely quick, using the least amount of hardware overhead resulting in a low Total Cost of Ownership. It is available across multiple hardware/software platforms and architectures.


Unusual Behaviour

iSentry Unusual Behaviour is designed to analyse CCTV cameras in real time and give that information to controllers immediately in the form of video that is enriched with multiple data points. It is there to inform a reaction as things happen.

Threat Detection And Extraction

TREX utilises a dynamic AI based learning process to acquire and track items of interest while ignoring environmental factors inherent to real world cameras that are expected to perform across multiple time zones and light conditions and can also filter out camera noise.

Special Applications

The power of iSentry is complemented by a variety of additional customizable tools, enriching the outcome of the UB and TREX processes and leveraging the power of our deep learning and rules engine modules to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the operator.