Fast, far, accurate area monitoring

Detecting suspicious movements towards or crossing a perimeter is of utmost importance in perimeter protection.

Contrary to most other solutions in the market, Intelex Vision Threat Detection and Extraction (TREX) module, utilises a pixel-based dynamic AI learning process to acquire and track objects of interest in real-time. To some extent, TREX mimics human vision where we pay more attention to sudden movements  and pay less attention to regular movement. As such TREX has the capability to learn the scene to focus on true targets and not on environmental factors that are common to the scene.

Important in this process is to ignore environmental factors inherent to real-world cameras, such moving trees, water reflections etc.. TREX is capable of tolerating a wide variety of camera noise.

TREX is able to detect fast moving or very small targets, which can translate to targets at long distance away.


TREX is focussed on medium to very long-range detection, or detection of very discreet targets.

Paired with appropriate cameras, (typically thermal) with high quality imagery, multi kilometre detection ranges can be achieved.

Applications: wide-area surveillance tasks (e.g. open pit mining) or critical infrastructure safeguarding (e.g. pipe lines or power lines).


Fast target acquisition (typically less than 500ms) is a key feature of this software tier and enables very efficient monitoring of narrow areas of intrusion, as typically found in urban and complex environments and for perimeter protection use cases up to 200m.


With the help of its sensitivity and mask settings TREX is capable of detecting small targets in difficult conditions.